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Signs You Need to Schedule an Emergency AC Repair

The scorching summer heat in Tuscumbia, AL, is forcing homeowners to run their air conditioners around the clock for relief. The added stress and strain your AC system endures can result in more malfunctions and breakdowns. Here are four warning signs you need to schedule an emergency AC repair and ways to prevent them in the future:

Burning Smells

If you notice a burning smell around your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to turn the system off and schedule an emergency AC repair. An electrical or wiring problem can create a fire hazard in your house. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Banging Noises

Odd noises like banging, grinding or screeching are alarming and signal your air conditioner isn’t operating under normal conditions. When your air conditioner cries out for help, listen and schedule an emergency AC repair immediately.

Ineffective Cooling

If your air conditioner is operating but not producing enough conditioned air to cool every part of your house, something isn’t working right. There’s likely a problem with the compressor, airflow or refrigerant. The longer you wait to schedule an emergency AC repair, the higher your risk of experiencing an extensive breakdown and paying more for repairs or a replacement.

Complete Breakdown

This is the most obvious sign your air conditioner requires an emergency AC repair. It has broken down and won’t turn on to cool your house. While a repair might fix the problem, you might need a replacement to restore indoor comfort.

Prevent Emergency AC Repairs

Emergency AC repairs rescue homeowners in certain situations, but it’s best to avoid them altogether. By replacing the AC system’s filter every month and scheduling air conditioning maintenance regularly, you’ll minimize your risk of requiring costly repairs. We also suggest keeping the area around the outdoor condenser unit clear and clean.

Don’t wait a second longer to schedule an emergency AC repair to restore your air conditioner’s optimal performance. Contact Price Heating and Air to book your appointment and have an expert repair your air conditioner safely.