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About Us

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are essential to maximizing home comfort for your family and friends. You must work with a reputable HVAC company to install the right system for your house, repair it correctly when needed and maintain it regularly. The service technicians at Price Heating and Air have the skills, tools and attitude to satisfy your request to a high industry standard. Whether you need a heat pump installation, air conditioning repair or furnace maintenance, rest assured we go above and beyond for our customers. Your happiness with our HVAC services is the key to our success.

Brayden Price founded Price Heating and Air in 2015 while working a full-time job. He would perform HVAC repairs and replacements after work late into the night. Once he grew enough, he quit his job to focus on his business and customers. Since Brayden took that step in 2018, Price Heating and Air has experienced tremendous growth. Today, Price Heating and Air continues to serve customers in Florence, Killen, Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia and the neighboring communities in Alabama. We provide expert HVAC services to each customer and treat all of our customers like family.

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✓ Family-owned and operated HVAC company

✓ Available 24/7 for emergency HVAC repairs

✓ Treat our beloved customers like family

✓ Our core values are honesty and integrity

✓ Guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

✓ Guarantee high-quality workmanship

✓ Dispatch knowledgeable service technicians

✓ Offer flat-rate prices for our HVAC services

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