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3 Signs You Have Dirty Ductwork in Killen, AL

Keeping HVAC ducts clean is an important part of keeping your system in good shape. Ultimately, whether your ductwork is clean will affect the quality of your indoor air and how easy it is to breathe. Let’s review some of the key indicators that you need to have professional service technicians clean your dirty ductwork in Killen, AL.

Visible Debris

Since HVAC systems circulate air, it’s natural that they also move tiny bits of dirt and other particles around as well. Regular HVAC maintenance can prevent this from becoming a problem. If you can see any of the following around your supply vents, it’s definitely time to schedule a duct cleaning:

  • Dirt and dust.
  • Fur and other animal debris.
  • Moisture and microbial growth.

Reduced Airflow

Over time, the buildup of dirt and debris can restrict air from flowing freely through the HVAC system’s ducts. In extreme cases, airflow might stop altogether. If the airflow in your HVAC system is weak or nonexistent, you should change your air filters and contact a professional HVAC company.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Because HVAC filters can’t catch debris caught in your ducts, dirty ductwork can have an impact on the quality of the air in your home. The problem worsens the more dirt is present, especially if there’s microbial growth.

Lower air quality levels can even make asthma and allergy symptoms worse. If you have one of these conditions, it’s even more important to have our professional service technicians clean your ducts regularly. Clean ductwork can ensure that your family members won’t suffer from respiratory problems.

Have you noticed that your HVAC system isn’t keeping the air of your home clean in Killen, AL? Contact the service technicians at Price Heating and Air to learn about our duct cleaning services.

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