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Is My Furnace Limit Switch Faulty in Muscle Shoals, AL?

Winters in Muscle Shoals, AL, can get chilly, but your home should feel warm and cozy inside. If your home has a furnace, it should operate safely and efficiently to keep your family comfortable, but there might be times when parts of it break down and disrupt the operations. Keep reading to learn warning signs or potential problems of a faulty furnace limit switch.

Overheated Exchanger

A blocked air filter can make your limit switch keep your furnace from even starting. Substantially decreased airflow can result in an overheated exchanger, and if your limit switch detects this, it should deactivate the burner. However, a faulty limit switch might fail to perform this safety check and let your exchanger get too hot.

Furnace Won’t Stop

Your furnace blower should stop when the system hits the temperature you want your home to be, but a malfunctioning limit switch might keep the blower running. Continuous blower operation can spike electricity bills and accelerate wear and tear, eventually leading to total HVAC system failure in the long term.

Dirty Flame Sensor

Our HVAC maintenance service technician might need to check whether the limit switch’s flame sensor rod is clean or dirty. Inside the furnace’s plenum, this sensor rod measures air temperatures. It can’t do this effectively if it’s not clean, which might result in some limit switch trips that disrupt the whole system.

Constant Tripping

The limit switch halts furnace operations until temperatures stabilize but might trip before a heating cycle finishes. Frequent tripping of this nature is a short cycling malfunction, which can drive up your power bills and deteriorate your system functionality.

Aging Matters

Sometimes, recurring limit switch tripping happens due to natural wear and tear over time. If you don’t have one of our service technicians replace it, the system could go into a lockout mode where it doesn’t work until replacing it.

Watch out for the signs of a faulty furnace limit switch so you can have it fixed and keep your heating system running smoothly. Contact us Price Heating and Air for all the heating repairs that your home requires.

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