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3 Common Sources of Indoor Air Pollution in Florence, AL

No one wants to inhale polluted air while at home. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Florence, AL, may face indoor air pollution that they don’t even know about. Be on the lookout for these three common sources of indoor air pollution:


Many household pets are furry and carry all types of different pollutants into your home after they’ve spent time outside. On top of this, they can spread their fur, pet dander and many air pollutants around your home.

Luckily, it’s not difficult for responsible pet owners to deal with this problem. Just remember to bathe your furry friends regularly and brush them thoroughly when they come in from outdoors.


Dust is virtually everywhere in the typical home. Its presence in sufficiently high concentrations can both diminish air quality and hinder the workings of your HVAC system. The latter typically happens because dust finds its way into the ducts and filters of your HVAC system and blocks airflow.

This can become a vicious cycle, because the more dust there is in your home, the less likely your HVAC system will function well. The worse the system functions, the less effective it will be at filtering dust from the air. To deal with dust in your home, you may want to buy air purifiers, request a duct cleaning and schedule HVAC maintenance.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are chemicals that have low vapor pressure and are relatively insoluble in water. They’re also rather hazardous to your health and can trigger symptoms like headaches, nosebleeds, vomiting and fainting. These compounds exist in household items such as paint, pesticides, gas motor oil, cleaning products and certain pharmaceutical drugs.

You should never resign yourself to having indoor pollution in your Florence, AL, home. Instead, call the pros at Price Heating and Air and request our HVAC services to clear the air.

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